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Ionto Comed Day Spa Treatment Chairs

Ionto Comed Day Spa Treatment Chairs

Ionto Comed Day Spa Treatment Chairs

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Manual Ionto Comed Xtension Spa Bed Manual

Width including arms
Lenght 68.5"-83.5"
Seat Depth 18"-22"
Height 20.5" to 38.5"
Heater 80W
Lift Capacity 350lbs
Weight 185lbs
Upholstery 4.5" (12cm)
Shipping Size 79x36x24"
Shipping Weight 210lbs

Ionto Xtension Treatment Bed

Item 8460

Relax with the Xtension Day Spa Table.

Ionto Comed Day Spa Treatment Tables

The IONTO-COMFORT XTENSION treatment bed is a fully automatic treatment bed which provides the highest level of operating and seating comfort.

The bed is available in two versions:

One version offers four powerful motors to adjust seat height and tilt angle, backrest and leg-rest.

A second version offers 5 motors to additionally adjust the seat depth electrically. This means especially for taller persons a better distribution of body weight on the thighs and thereby maximum seat comfort.

  • The adjustment of the seat depth is done with a switch.
  • The settings are made with a programmable manual control.
  • Three memory settings are available to store individual treatment positions.
  • The 4-motor bed is available with or without integrated memory function.
  • Head and footrest are extendable.
  • The lowest seat entry as well as the tiltable arm rests offer a comfortable entry to the treatment bed.
  • Furthermore two casters enable an easy movement of the bed.
  • The treatment bed IONTO-COMFORT XTENSION can be used for all types of facial, body, footcare and massage treatments.

    Fulfill a need in the lives of your clients

    Ionto Comed Seat Extention Shown

    You get a whole 10 cm of additional seat depth by extending the seat cushion. Adjustment is electrically controlled by using a flip switch on the front of the right arm rest. Your clients can really.

    Ergonomic sitting position for all heights:
    Ionto Comed Seat Extention Shown
    The picture shows a client in an ideal sitting position: Exactly at the point where the knees are bent, the legs are supported by a comfortable cushion pad.

    Comfortable access
    The access height of only 53 cm, as well as the adjustable armrests, enable easy access to the bed.
    Additional comfort is guaranteed with the vertical positioning of the back and footrest.
    Optimal massage suitability
    The IONTO COMFORT Xtension can be effortlessly repositioned for massage treatments. The infinitely variable bed height, between 20.5" and 38.5", eases your back while you work